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5 Leadership Traits No Entrepreneur Succeeds Without

Entrepreneurs have some of the hardest jobs in the world. At an established company and with a competent team, leading is mostly a matter of keeping the rudder straight. At a startup, it’s another story entirely. Entrepreneurs wear many hats: the role of marketing, sales, day-to-day operations and more all fall on your shoulders. And once...
how to start a business
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6 Accomplished Entrepreneurs Share How to Start a Business with $100

Many would-be entrepreneurs never start a business because they’re waiting for the perfect idea or don’t have enough disposable capital to break out of the rat race. These accomplished entrepreneurs and members of The Oracles share how to start a business with $100: StartupNation exclusive discounts and savings on Dell products and accessories: Learn more here...
traits of an entrepreneur
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10 Common Traits of an Entrepreneur

Many people dream of being an entrepreneur. They envision their business as majorly successful; allowing them to make enormous wealth, be the boss, have the freedom to come and go as they please and work how and when they want. If only this were the reality, everyone would be an entrepreneur! Unfortunately, this is not the...
midlife entrepreneur
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The 4 Secrets to Success as a Midlife Entrepreneur

Scott Fitzgerald famously wrote, “There are no second acts in American life.” If that sentence were true, my wife, Carrie, and I would have never founded a new tutoring business while I neared my fifth decade. But with The House Tutoring Lounge®, that is exactly what we did after a decade of experimenting in associated...
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5 Business Tips from a Seasoned Female Entrepreneur

I don’t know about you, but I love getting advice from entrepreneurs who have been in business longer than me. Whether they’re sharing what to do...or what not to do, I squirrel away that information for when I need it. I’ve been running my own content marketing agency for 13 years, so I might have a...
jen sincero
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StartupNation Originals: You Are a Badass at Making Money

In “You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth,” #1 New York Times best-selling author, success coach and motivational speaker, Jen Sincero, offers expert tips for unlocking your earning potential. In this exclusive StartupNation Originals video series, we sat down with Sincero to learn more about her personal journey, tips for...
small business owners
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Study Explores the Current State of American Small Business Owners

The early bird gets the worm. Nice guys finish last. You snooze, you lose. Sound familiar? As entrepreneurs, we’ve all been hardwired, to some extent, to believe that the more hours we put in and the more we invest in self-preservation, the easier it will be to beat the competition to the punch. You hear...
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Your Business May Have Failed, But You Can Still Prevail

Upper Street was a dream for any entrepreneur. The bespoke shoe label, started in 2010 by Julia Elliott Brown and her sister Katy Chandler, allowed customers to design their own shoes online using 3-D technology before trying them on at its London location. The concept struck a note with women worldwide, winning over an impressive...
business plan
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How to Write a Business Plan: Tips from the Experts

For even the most organized and motivated entrepreneur, writing a business plan can be a daunting task. After all, your business plan is your first opportunity to make critical evaluations of your idea, and to view it from the perspective of different stakeholders. Below, we will discuss some of the universal best practices that apply to...
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5 Rules for Dealing with Criticism as an Entrepreneur

The internet is the Wild West. If you’re stepping up, be prepared for haters to pull you down. These five entrepreneurs and members of The Oracles share their steadfast rules and tactics to keep their sanity and reputations intact while dealing with criticism. 1. Pay them no mind Money and success follow attention — you won’t get either without attracting...
New year's resolutions
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7 New Year’s Resolutions to Be More Entrepreneurial in 2017

Perhaps your company has expressed an appreciation for entrepreneurial thinking, and you’re wondering how to expand your creativity. On the other hand, perhaps you’re considering starting your own venture, but are unsure how to get started. Or, maybe you already have your own business, and you’re looking for incremental ways to improve your game. Whichever scenario applies,...
Productivity tips
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5 Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurial Success

Most entrepreneurs want and need things to happen now. Whether you started your own company, are employed as a hired gun to run a company or serve as the CEO of a private or public company, human beings want to be productive. Having a productive day feels good. Productivity equals results and in the business context, should...
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The Dark Side of Passion in Entrepreneurship

Passion. It’s the key ingredient in entrepreneurship. You can’t push a company from zero to one without it. What is it? What is passion? Entrepreneurs know it as the drive that keeps you from going on vacation for three years straight. It’s the motivation to keep at it when everyone says no. It’s the panic...
Successful entrepreneurship
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5 Steps to Successful Entrepreneurship

Although I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 10 years, the company I co-founded is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, though. We’ve learned from our mistakes and kept planning for the future of successful entrepreneurship. What I have learned as a marketing entrepreneur can help any entrepreneur, regardless of industry. Below are...
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10 Leadership Traits Entrepreneurs Should Possess

An entrepreneur does not run a business with his or her acute business acumen alone: it comes with leadership skills. Here are 10 leadership traits for entrepreneurs: Related: Why ‘Hands-On’ Is The Most Valuable Leadership Style at a Startup Be a good example. Startup leadership entrepreneurs must be able to lead his or her business by...
Mobile Marketing
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Mobile Marketing Guide For Entrepreneurs

In the marketing world, all roads lead to mobile. Ericsson predicts there will be 6.1 billion mobile users by 2020, up from 2.6 billion users in 2015. It’s clear that any business that wants to have a successful marketing campaign must also be aware of mobile’s possibilities. Here are some tips on how to get...
First Business
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Advice BEFORE You Start Your First Business

My advice for tomorrow's entrepreneurs: What I wish I'd known when starting my first business Good people are invaluable, average people are expensive Surround yourself with the right people in your first business, from the start. Good people find answers, self motivate, think of others and have no problem understanding that some decisions are difficult...
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Accountancy Advice for Start-up Businesses

Advice for Start-up Businesses: One Word - Accountant Starting a new business can be an extremely daunting task for anyone, whether you’re an experienced business player or simply embarking upon your first foray into the commercial world. From ISO certifications to small business taxations, the business world can seem worryingly perilous and dangerously complicated from...