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Prior to becoming a global copywriter for TSheets, Dottie Chong spent 15 years in marketing communications and content management focused on driving engagement and brand affinity.
work-life balance
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What Work-Life Balance? It’s About Culture, Planning and Execution

In the last decade, the level of happiness in America has dropped significantly. The latest United Nations’ World Happiness Report ranks 156 countries, wherein the U.S. fell to the 18th spot, having ranked third a decade ago. One of the strongest contributing factors to each country’s place on the list is work-life balance. As technology...
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How to Classify Your Employees Right from the Start

Herd mentality is almost never a good thing. As social creatures, perhaps it’s only human to want to be included and be part of something bigger. When applied to business, the herd mentality often leads to less stellar decisions, against better judgment, because “everyone else is doing it,” so why not? For many startups, the...
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Your Business May Have Failed, But You Can Still Prevail

Upper Street was a dream for any entrepreneur. The bespoke shoe label, started in 2010 by Julia Elliott Brown and her sister Katy Chandler, allowed customers to design their own shoes online using 3-D technology before trying them on at its London location. The concept struck a note with women worldwide, winning over an impressive...