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5 Financial Podcasts Entrepreneurs Need to Listen to in 2018

If you aren’t already deep into the podcast bandwagon, now is the time to subscribe to a financial podcast or two. Here, find advice from the pros on how to get out of debt, save more, invest better and generally get smarter with money in every aspect of your entrepreneurial life. No matter how old you are or what stage your business is in, there’s a podcast that’s the right fit for you to listen to — and we rounded up five that should definitely be downloaded in 2018.

  1. Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life

Listening to Laura Adams’ financial podcast is like getting a bite-sized listicle in every episode. Touching on topics that include how to be financially prepared for a career change, tips for exercising discipline with money and easy ways to lower bills now, it’s an entrepreneur’s dream binge listen. Plus, each episode clocks in at 30 minutes or less, so you can easily set aside some time in your schedule to tune in every week.

  1. Bad With Money

In a dream world, every entrepreneur is a financially savvy powerhouse. In reality, the vast majority of us have money struggles and even financial illiteracy that we don’t tend to openly talk about. Gaby Dunn, comedian and host of Bad with Money, puts everything out in the open in this podcast and is joined by fellow money experts in each episode. Touchy topics include a deep-dive on student loans, trying to comprehend how medical bills got to the point they’re at currently, the United States tax code and what to do if you are truly in a situation where practical financial advice doesn’t apply. This podcast isn’t for the faint of financial heart — which is exactly what entrepreneurs can benefit the most from hearing.

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  1. So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

Now that we’ve covered some real money talk in our last bullet, let’s get everyone inspired again with So Money. Farnoosh Torabi is an award-winning financial strategist who brings today’s top business minds on her podcast, all to pick their brains for financial advice and better understand how they got to where they’re at now. Tune in each week to hear influencers like Katia Beauchamp, CEO of Birchbox, reveal how companies can create women-friendly work environments, and MSNBC host JJ Ramberg, who shares how she got inspired to write a startup-themed children’s book.

  1. Slate Money

As much as we love listening to experts and influencers dole out money tips and advice, it’s also equally important for entrepreneurs to understand what’s currently making financial headlines. Enter Slate Money, the weekly podcast from Slate hosted by Felix Salmon, where each episode is referred to as an “edition.” Salmon, who is joined by Anna Szymanski and Jordan Weissman, breaks down money news across the board covering everything from cryptocurrencies to major business acquisitions. Not all of it will pertain to the plight of a small business owner, of course, but it’s a great listen for getting caught up on the week’s current events.

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  1. The Side Hustle Show

We wrap this post up by coming full circle — after all, so many entrepreneurs start out with a business that is run as a side hustle! Nick Loper’s The Side Hustle Show is a podcast for those entrepreneurs looking for a bit of advice, inspiration and direction on growing their budding business ideas and (eventually) making the leap to full-time. Need to fix common website mistakes you didn’t know you were making? How about finding capital, pivoting from a failed side hustle or scaling your business? The good, the bad and everything in between in business is covered here, all in the name of prepping ‘treps of all ages for the world of entrepreneurship.

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