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7 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Podcast

Always on the hunt for ways to grow his financial and insurance advisory firm, Ken Greene recently turned to a less conventional form of small business marketing: he started a podcast. With just under 20 episodes released, the audience for Engineer of Finance is growing and attracting inquiries from prospective clients across the country. “It...
marketing mistakes
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3 Marketing Mistakes That Are Crushing Your Business

As someone who has chosen marketing as a career, hosts a podcast about marketing (Marketing School, co-hosted by Neil Patel) and owns a digital marketing agency, you may think I haven’t made marketing mistakes. You’d be wrong. I’ve made them all, and that’s how I’ve learned to be the best possible marketer and business owner...
financial podcasts
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5 Financial Podcasts Entrepreneurs Need to Listen to in 2018

If you aren’t already deep into the podcast bandwagon, now is the time to subscribe to a financial podcast or two. Here, find advice from the pros on how to get out of debt, save more, invest better and generally get smarter with money in every aspect of your entrepreneurial life. No matter how old you...
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5 Simple Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Content

Repurposing your blog content is valuable for three important reasons. It allows you to drive new traffic to old content, get the most of your efforts when it comes to boosting shares and lifetime value, and allows you to reach new audiences. You don’t need a lot of extra budget to repurpose blog posts, just...
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Ecommerce Tips

I was asked to give 3 gems of wisdom in deciding your ecommerce plan of attack, Here they are: 1. Decide where your product will sell for the most money. There are unbelievable differences in selling price across ecommerce sites - what sells great on Amazon may not sell as well on eBay - what...
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StartupNation Community Podcast Has Launched !!

Yee-Haw !!! Whoopee !! Whoa Nellie !! The brand new StartupNation Community Podcast is rockin' and it's a rollin'! It may have been a bit of a sneak attack, coming in under the cloak of darkness ... but the light is shining on it now, and there's no more flying under the radar. You WANT...
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When Small Business Opportunity Knocks, Answer the Door!

You say you're not an entrepreneur? You look at Henry Ford & Ray Kroc and say, “Well, that was all fine & dandy for them, but I'm not even close to inventing the automobile assembly line or the greatest hamburger that 29 cents can buy.” (that's what the McDonald's hamburgers cost when I was a...
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Online marketing strategy: Podcast – you can do it!

But should you? No way! The audience is too small & fragmented. Not everyone listens to audio stuff delivered over the internet. You really don't have anything to say, anyway. As a matter of fact, the competition from bigger companies with bigger budgets is just too tough. Heck, you might as well just throw in...
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Life Plan in action: a “do what you love” podcast business

I am a subscriber to 5 podcasts: • StartupNation Radio • Entrepreneurial Tips with the Sloan Brothers • Adam Curry's Daily Source Code • The President's Weekly Radio Address • Roots Rock Radio You're surely familiar with StartupNation, the Sloan Brothers, Adam Curry if you're a podcast listener, and the President. But what's the deal...
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Brand new Entrepreneurial Tips podcast

I love podcasts. You only have to watch me walk around to figure that out. I used to have the signature white cords dangling from my earbuds, but now I've graduated to a Bluetooth wireless headset for my iPod. I'm certain that I'm the first one on my block sporting those babies! So you can...
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Now Hear This!! (or you can listen later)

Are you a TIVO person? Recent surveys say that people with TIVO watch MORE tv than those who only watch their television shows live. I find that fascinating. What about how you listen to radio? Do you listen to StartupNation Radio live over the airwaves? Did you ever wish you could hear that great piece...
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Podcast Poolside Business Meeting

I'm at the inaugural Podcast conference in Ontario, California and it's extremely fascinating. Podcasters from all over the world have converged on this town in the mountains east of Los Angeles to meet one another and discuss & learn the business model of this new podcasting phenomenon. In case you need to get up to...
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Podcasting can launch your business

I am a podcast-aholic. I walk around all day long with white ear buds and long white dangling cords connected to my ipod. I am definitely suffering from an addiction to ... FANTASTIC AUDIO CONTENT. Oh sure, I listen to a little bit of music, but I've been taking my ipod to bed with me...