Ecommerce Tips

I was asked to give 3 gems of wisdom in deciding your ecommerce plan of attack, Here they are:

1. Decide where your product will sell for the most money. There are unbelievable differences in selling price across ecommerce sites – what sells great on Amazon may not sell as well on eBay – what sells great on Amazon may sell even better on your own site. Do your homework.

2. Find a technology partner. Many moons ago, I was a yellow page salesman, and I was fortunate to meet small business owners from all across the spectrum of professions – lawyers, carpenters, window cleaners, painters, doctors. You know what they all had in common. They all sucked at advertising! A doctor is good at pulling out a splinter and charging you $250.00 – he has no clue how to best market his business. That’s the way the world works. Go find a company who can help get your product in front of the right audience. Don’t even think about writing your own website and learning Google Adwords on the fly. Let the experts do it.

3. Multichannel! Multichannel! Multichannel! Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Start a website and sell on eBay. Sell on Amazon and start a wholesale business. Let your partner from point number 2 help.

Hope this helps gang – see you in the funny papers.

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