When Small Business Opportunity Knocks, Answer the Door!

You say you’re not an entrepreneur? You look at Henry Ford & Ray Kroc and say, “Well, that was all fine & dandy for them, but I’m not even close to inventing the automobile assembly line or the greatest hamburger that 29 cents can buy.” (that’s what the McDonald’s hamburgers cost when I was a kid!)

I say, “Phooey on that! You have hobbies? You have interests? There’s an inner entrepreneur just waiting to be un-caged within you!

As exhibit number one, I point you to the example of podcasters. As exhibit number 2, I point you to scrapbookers. As exhibit number 3, I point you to jewelry makers. As exhibits number 4 through 40,000, I point you to the StartupNation community of people just like yourself.

But for the moment, let’s go back to exhibit number 1.

What are podcasters? They are humans (so far you have that in common) who enjoy talking (common) and are interested in getting paid for it (that’s YOU – I just KNOW it!!).

Almost all of them have day jobs and do their podcasting on the side. They have fun doing it. It keeps them out of trouble, for the most part. They do it part-time. They are still every bit an entrepreneur. And so are you.

Where will this lead, you wonder? Don’t know. But if they didn’t do it at all I do know that it would lead absolutely nowhere.

So follow the example of the podcasters or scrapbookers or jewelry makers or assembly line inventors … and go for it!

Maybe you’ll create some extra income that’ll allow you to take that vacation or save for your children’s education. Maybe you’ll lay the foundation for a rewarding activity for your retirement. Maybe you’ll be able to retire from that day job sooner! Maybe you’ll create a culture of entrepreneurship in your children so that they grow up with greater confidence.

Start it Up!

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