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Upskilling to Launch Your Startup

Upskilling: Learning new skillsets When launching a startup, you’ll need to focus not only on creating an excellent product or providing a useful service. Becoming a business owner requires a whole new skill set, requiring you to become a jack of all trades as you build your startup from the ground floor up. As you...
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Advice BEFORE You Start Your First Business

My advice for tomorrow's entrepreneurs: What I wish I'd known when starting my first business Good people are invaluable, average people are expensive Surround yourself with the right people in your first business, from the start. Good people find answers, self motivate, think of others and have no problem understanding that some decisions are difficult...
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Want effective marketing? You need a startup mentality.

A startup mentality: NOT a bad thing to have! The way people are consuming content has vastly changed in the last decade. While long-standing companies scurry to find new and innovative ways to deliver their messages, startups are successfully creating new avenues to build buzz and engage their audience. Want to stay relevant? Keep a...
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Entrepreneurial success: what it takes to get there

Entrepreneurial success: Getting there Succeeding as an entrepreneur takes much more than just a bankable business idea. Start-ups face highly unstable conditions, and entrepreneurs striving for success need to persevere in the face of uncertainty. In order to make their idea locally, regionally, and globally viable, entrepreneurs need to take their purpose (the big dream)...
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My Top 5 Must-Reads for Startup Founders in 2015

Founders Can Find Practical Startup Advice in Books When you're just starting out, you have a lot to learn. These five inspirational and educational books for startup founders offer practical advice to help you get your startup off the ground: Smartcuts: How Hackers, Innovators, and Icons Accelerate Success - Shane Snow You've undoubtedly heard stories about...
Small Business
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The Challenges and Rewards of Creating a Startup in East Africa

Advances and opportunities are on the rise for startups in East Africa The growth potential for business in East Africa is huge right now, as evidenced by the number of startups that have been emerging from the region. While there are some unique challenges that come along with the launch of a business in this...
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Starting a business question from a blog reader

I began answering this question from one of my readers, and then just figured I might as well turn this into a blog post so others can benefit from it. The following question was asked: Q: I was wondering if you would mind taking time and jotting down a few pointers for me to follow...
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Life is Short.

Last week was a tough week. Hundreds of people lost their lives in the escalating war in Iraq. The Virginia Tech massacre left 33 students and faculty dead and 29 others injured. A neighbor of mine was killed in a car accident, leaving behind his wife and three young kids. So much tragedy. So much...
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Every Day Seems More Intense When You’re Starting Up Your Business

I'm going to the Detroit Tigers baseball game tonight with my bride Suzanne. Section 144, Row L, Seats 8 & 9. The reason we're going to this particular game is that the Tigers starting pitcher is Chad Durbin. Chad is a StartupNation community member and is preparing for life after his major league baseball career...
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Reaching the Do Point

You've got a killer idea. (But, hey, you have a busy life.) You've never seen or heard of a business like it. (But does the idea already exist and you just haven't seen it?) You have the money to start it up. (But you're not sure you want to risk the money.) Etc., etc., etc.......
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Britney Spears as an Entrepreneur?

Yes, that is exactly the kind of conversation that goes on sometimes in the StartupNation community forums. And for good reason. It's often the wacky, off the wall, “bend your mind just a little bit” topics that spawn the kind of creativity necessary to make it as an entrepreneur. And entrepreneurs absolutely need to blow...
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When Small Business Opportunity Knocks, Answer the Door!

You say you're not an entrepreneur? You look at Henry Ford & Ray Kroc and say, “Well, that was all fine & dandy for them, but I'm not even close to inventing the automobile assembly line or the greatest hamburger that 29 cents can buy.” (that's what the McDonald's hamburgers cost when I was a...
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Starting a business may be a trait we pass on to our children

From Joan Isabella, StartupNation Radio consultant My father is celebrating his 80th birthday this week. So I will try out my toast to him on you. First a little background: When my parents married, they had two children in two years, but they didn't (as they like to say) have two nickels to rub together....