Sara Blakely turned visible panty lines and uncomfortable g-strings into a booming business

The genesis of a new business idea can come from anywhere. You don’t like visible panty lines on your rear end? Your g-strings just aren’t all that comfy? Hmm – There ought to be a better way.

This is exactly what happened with Sara Blakely. She took her $5,000 savings and invented a better way, starting a company that now does tens of millions in revenue. While shopping with my new bride this past weekend I ran into Sara’s face and her products in both Nordstrom’s and Target stores.

It IS that simple. The start of an idea, that is. You can read all about Sara’s hard work and key move that drove her toward her phenomenal success right here on

You can also hear the story in Sara’s own voice in her StartupNation Radio appearance.

You can even join a discussion about Sara Blakely’s success in the StartupNation forum.

But promise me this: you’ll use this as inspiration to identify something in your own life that bothers you, and then you’ll think about what can be done about it.

Are you the next Sara Blakely who takes a radical idea for improving a simple product and takes it to the market?

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