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Ghost Runner on 2nd

23 Jul 2008
Being an entrepreneur with a startup company is a lot like playing sandlot baseball as a kid. Growing up on E. 199th Street in Euclid, Ohio we could often get...
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You Gotta Start Your Week

07 Jul 2008
Time often gets blurred in a startup company. “Normal” does not apply when it comes to workdays or workweeks. But even when you’re in a season of 8 day weeks...
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Words Matter

02 Jun 2008
I received a text message over the weekend from one of the co-founders of our new startup company Showcase U. It was short and sweet, as text messages tend to...
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A Strong Foundation

16 May 2008
Let’s hit the button on the “Way Back Machine” for a moment today. One of the things we took a great deal of time with as we started up Showcase...
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Birth of a Startup

13 May 2008
I’ve been the StartupNation chief community officer for four years. That’s four years of day after day hanging around eager entrepreneurs, and drinking in the most phenomenal information on the...
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