SouthernRockin’ HarpHowlin’ TwangBangin’ Baby!

How’s that for a brand? Well, if you’re a southern rock, blues, country musician in Nashville it works nicely. Type that phrase into Google and you’ll come up with Stacie Collins’ MySpace page. (While you’re there take a listen to her song “Baby Sister” for an illustration of what SouthernRockin’ HarpHowlin’ TwangBangin’ means. You’ll never be the same.)

What does this have to do with entrepreneurship? Independent musicians are a terrific example of entrepreneurs building a business, and branding is a critical piece to the puzzle. So is search engine optimization. Type just TwangBangin’ into Google and Stacie is still the third result.

Small businesses need to work hard to optimize their web presence so that people find them when searching for appropriate words and phrases. Have you Googled yourself lately? There is a forum topic in the StartupNation community that is discussing this right now.

If you’re looking for smarts on how to build your SEO, this page of search results for the term SEO in the StartupNation forum provides a couple dozen forum topics where entrepreneurs are engaged in discussing search engine optimization strategy.

Your brand might not be as raucous as SouthernRockin’ HarpHowlin’ TwangBangin’ but whatever it is, you need to make certain that when people search for it they find you!

And yes, I did listen to “Baby Sister” over & over as I wrote this blog. It provided the proper writing inspiration.

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