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5 Essentials For Good Branding

Good Branding Isn't an Accident - It Takes a Little Work Good branding is essential to building a successful business, because the brand is the first part of a company that other people see. Business Betties is a company that knows all about the importance of branding. They started about three years ago and are...
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Building the brand

Don't think because you are "just an eBay business" that you don't need to develop your company into a recognizable brand... One of the most challenging things about operating a business on eBay is that there is such a low barrier to entry. Easy to get started, hard to keep others from doing the same....
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What’s better – street cred or straight dough?

We often say around here that entrepreneurs--especially home-based entrepreneurs --aren't after money first and foremost. Instead, they're seeking control, being their own boss, setting their own schedule, and yes, in that mix, making money. But there's a fracas in the StartupNation forums right now where people are debating the merits of making less money but...
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SouthernRockin’ HarpHowlin’ TwangBangin’ Baby!

How's that for a brand? Well, if you're a southern rock, blues, country musician in Nashville it works nicely. Type that phrase into Google and you'll come up with Stacie Collins' MySpace page. (While you're there take a listen to her song “Baby Sister” for an illustration of what SouthernRockin' HarpHowlin' TwangBangin' means. You'll never...
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Establishing a recognizable identity with your customers

For most people, the majority of emails we receive are junk. As a result, we've developed an unconscious little ritual when we open our in-boxes. It seems at first glance that we would look to the subject line of a message to decide whether or not to open it. However, recent studies have shown that...
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Does a brand promise matter for an eBay business?

What in the world is a brand promise? you might ask... In entrepreneur school they teach you that a brand promise is that special guarantee that a company offers to its customers. This means that no matter what happens, the customer can always expect the company to deliver their brand promise. That's why it's called...