What’s better – street cred or straight dough?

We often say around here that entrepreneurs–especially home-based entrepreneurs –aren’t after money first and foremost. Instead, they’re seeking control, being their own boss, setting their own schedule, and yes, in that mix, making money.

But there’s a fracas in the StartupNation forums right now where people are debating the merits of making less money but gaining great street cred from business endeavors versus simply raking in the dough and doing it totally under the radar without enhancing your reputation.

I voted strongly for taking less money but gaining a great brand in business circles.

If you want to express your opinion (or simply cast your vote anonymously), the poll and ensuing debate are located here, in our StartupNation forums.  At the time of this writing, 61.54% of voters say they’d take the bigger money and run – who cares about street cred. I think they’re missing out.

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