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How Social Media Can Supercharge Your Inbound Marketing

Modern marketers are inundated with claims that social media platforms hold the key to their financial success. Some, however, are left unaware of how to actually go about tapping into these platforms in order to earn an extra buck. While it’s certainly true that social media platforms contain a plethora of marketing opportunities ripe for...
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How to Rebrand Your Startup: An Uber Case Study

Rebranding is tricky. For one thing, there’s no guarantee it’s going to work, and your rebranding attempts can have an unintended effect. Instead of creating a new image for your company, your rebrand can simply remind customers of your previous image (or faults). The basics of branding Before we talk about rebranding, let’s brush up...
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Keeping The Brand Fresh – Apple Improves Its Shelf Life

Apple Tunes in on its Core Strengths When it comes down to it, brands are built on one of two foundations... their products/services or their strengths/attributes. Most startups, in a rush to go to market, unwittingly choose the former, wrapping their company identity tightly around their (then) current products. While doing this has short term...
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SouthernRockin’ HarpHowlin’ TwangBangin’ Baby!

How's that for a brand? Well, if you're a southern rock, blues, country musician in Nashville it works nicely. Type that phrase into Google and you'll come up with Stacie Collins' MySpace page. (While you're there take a listen to her song “Baby Sister” for an illustration of what SouthernRockin' HarpHowlin' TwangBangin' means. You'll never...
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iPhone – Apple vs Cisco

So it's big news these days about Apple coming out with a product and calling it something that Cisco already is calling one of its products. This is very likely much ado about nothing as Apple certainly was aware that Cisco already had a product called iPhone. Reports are that the two companies have been...