iPhone – Apple vs Cisco

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So it’s big news these days about Apple coming out with a product and calling it something that Cisco already is calling one of its products. This is very likely much ado about nothing as Apple certainly was aware that Cisco already had a product called iPhone. Reports are that the two companies have been engaging in serious dialogue about this issue for some time and that an agreement will be reached.


But it certainly would NOT be a ho-hum thing if a budding small business or entrepreneur put a great deal of effort and money into branding a product or service and then later found out that the name had previously been claimed and protected. Small businesses don’t have the same resources or clout as Apple does and such a gaffe could be disastrous.

This is another example of the importance of doing your homework and surrounding yourself with smart people as you start and grow your own business. The StartupNation community is discussing the iPhone issue from a trademark perspective.

Hey, these are some pretty smart people!

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