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profitable niche
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Choose a Profitable Niche for Your Business in 3 Simple Steps

You have an exciting new business idea and have been studying how to start a business. But have you chosen a niche yet? Focusing on a niche allows your business to excel and become known for that particular thing. While it may seem counterintuitive to limit your target market’s size, this is exactly what most...
social media
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Top Priority Social Media Tasks for the Time-Starved Entrepreneur

Nowadays, nearly everyone is supposedly a social media expert: you, your mom, your 10-year-old nephew. Most internet-savvy individuals have some degree of experience with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But, when it comes to enterprise-level social media, you must appreciate the subtleties of fostering an online persona. Using social media for personal reasons and using social...
market fit
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4 Steps to Scale Your Business by Fine-Tuning Your Product-Market Fit

In the exciting rush of developing a product and creating a company, founders don’t always remember a critical ingredient for starting a business: your audience. Unfortunately, not every business finds the right audience to fit their offering. They get so excited to build a solution that they don’t consider the problems they should solve for...
content marketing
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5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Need Content Marketing

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for ways to rise and stand out among the swarm of competitive businesses, content marketing is the right approach. If you still have doubts about whether this type of campaign is for you, consider the fact that 91 percent of B2B marketers use content marketing.  Here are the five main...
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What is a Franchise? The FranchiseHelp Primer and Quiz

Contrary to popular opinion, franchising extends far beyond food and retail. In recent years, franchises have become popular for the services and manufacturing sectors. The U.S. Census shows that in 2012, franchises alone accounted for $1.28 billion of sales. A franchise can be broken down into the following two specific categories: Product or trademark franchising This is...
brand story
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How to Build a Brand and Tell Your Startup’s Story

The market today is saturated with brands. So, how do you create a one that stands out from the crowd? Building a solid foundation and crafting a compelling story for your brand will not only help you make an authentic, genuine connection at every stage of the buyer’s journey, but it will also gain trust...
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Be Your Own Boss: I Started a Business and Here’s How You Can, Too

The prospect of starting your own business venture can procure all kinds of doubts: How will I get it off the ground? Is my idea good enough? Will people care about it? What happens if I fail? Will I lose money? It’s not just personal insecurities that can stand in the way of that all-important...
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Mixed Signals: 3 Reasons Why Your Business is Losing Leads

Leads are the fuel that all startups need. Without them, your sales team will be without a job in no time, and profits will slow down to a trickle. With advances in technology, getting new clients has evolved beyond the traditional networking and cold calling. Now, entrepreneurs can generate quality leads to their new businesses...
web design
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12 Startup Web Design Trends to Give Your Brand a Boost

When it comes to startup brands, a good website design can help you stand out from the crowd. Seamless navigation, clever illustrations and exciting video are just a few elements that can elevate a design and take a brand from good to great. Plus, startups need all the help they can get to ensure they...
brand identity
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How to Build Your Startup’s Brand Identity From Scratch

When you launch your startup, you are immediately facing a level of competition that is almost disheartening. One of the ways in which you can level the playing field is to build a strong brand identity, which will set you apart and, hopefully, bring in customers. The problem here is that brands are usually built over time,...
Instagram stories
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A Small Business Guide to Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a cheap and accessible way to connect with your followers and build your brand identity. An Instagram Story is a short clip, no longer than 15 seconds, featuring photos, video or a mix of both which disappears after 24 hours. With 250 million daily users, it has rapidly become the go-to source...
Brand identity
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Brand Identity: How to Make It Cohesive and Keep It That Way

With consumer’s habits constantly changing in this technological age, the digital presence and brand identity of businesses has become more and more vital. Nowadays, a customer’s first point of contact with a company is through digital means, basically as a form of research into the validity of that business. It has become an expectation and common...
Branding mistakes
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3 Ways to Avoid Small Business Branding Mistakes

Branding is more than just your business' name or logo. It‘s in the colors you use, the image you portray, the copy you write and the business statements you make. It encompasses everything you want to communicate about your business on an emotional level, providing a set of associations that tells your customers exactly who you are....
Brand Identity
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10 Questions to Build a Strong Brand Identity

No matter how good your products or services are, you’ll still need to build a strong brand identity to ensure your company’s growth and success in today’s ever-competitive market. In fact, it has been proven that brand identity is an essential component of any business’ success. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that brand identity...
Colour Psychology
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Colour Psychology: Affects of Colour [Infographic]

Colour Psychology Marketers, advertisers and designers use colour psychology to appeal to and broaden their targeted consumer base. Small business owners can utilize colour in their marketing and branding to positively influence consumers, customers and the like. Since colour is one of the most influential forms of non-verbal communication used by designers, small businesses can easily convey...
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User Experience: How it Reflects on Your Brand & What to Do

How the user experience reflects on your brand User Experience, or UX, is much more than how a user works his or her way through your product. In truth, it’s the entire feeling of the product, from the time a user first learns about the product all the way to when they become daily users...