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A Small Business Guide to Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a cheap and accessible way to connect with your followers and build your brand identity. An Instagram Story is a short clip, no longer than 15 seconds, featuring photos, video or a mix of both which disappears after 24 hours. With 250 million daily users, it has rapidly become the go-to source for short and fun clips for a very wide audience.

Connect with your community

For entrepreneurs, Instagram Stories offer an immediate way to engage with the community in a direct yet casual manner, giving followers a look behind the scenes at the business. With 83 percent of people wanting their brands to be friendly online, Instagram Stories let startups take advantage of their natural selling points, such as being more accessible and in-tune than large corporate brands.

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Focus your reach

There are many features available with Instagram Stories that allow you to target the segments that you are searching for. One of these is geotagging, which involves including your location on your Story post. This has been shown to gain 79 percent more engagement and importantly means that your Story will feature on the “stories of interest” section for the given location.

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Crowdsource opinions

Another feature of Instagram Stories is the ability to add a poll. This can be anything from what you should order for pizza for the office to a business decision like choosing the color of a new product. This tells your audience that you value them as a community and that they have input into your brand.

If you have only begun or aren’t yet using Instagram Stories for your business or startup then you can find out more about how to make the most of it with this great infographic from Headway Capital.

instagram stories

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