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How to Use Analytics to Measure Your Instagram Story Results

Instagram Stories are a continually growing and popular part of Instagram. With 500 million daily active users on the platform, brands of all sizes are beginning to see the benefit of using Instagram Stories to reach their audience. But after you’ve posted your Instagram Story, how do you measure the results, and more importantly, how do...
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8 Business Titans Reveal the Best Social Media Tactics to Promote Your Company

If you aren’t promoting your business on social media, you’re asleep at the wheel. Here’s what eight social media masters and advisors in The Oracles told us about the channels and tactics that impact their businesses most. Understand the platforms   There’s definitely a science to social media. Consider what each platform can do for you and...
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How to Leverage Instagram to Grow Your New Business Quickly

Do you ever wonder what to do with all of those Instagram followers you're been working so hard to attract?  In this Leveling Up video, Eric Siu interviews Daniel DiPiazza, founder of Rich20Something, who shares his strategies for getting more than just an ego boost from Instagram. DiPiazza, a social media marketing pro, shares how...
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The 4 Key Pillars of Instagram Success

Recently, Instagram hit a milestone when it was revealed that the social media application had become over 800 million users strong. Now, imagine getting even a fraction of those users to take notice of your business. If you are new to the startup space, then you may not have realized just how vital Instagram has...
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3 Ways to Boost Your Word-of-Mouth Reputation to Hit Your Growth Goals

Self-employment doesn’t have to mean going it all alone. Customers and friends who support your business might be the most valuable marketing resource you have. And word-of-mouth marketing only gets more powerful when you look at the networks of people online who are happy to tell others about their experience doing business with you. In...
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Tips to Turn Your Solopreneur Venture Into a Real Money Maker

You’ve got an idea that will make you millions, right? Or, maybe you just want to make a little extra money on the side doing something you enjoy. Whatever your solopreneur goal is, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that anyone can make it these days with hard work and...
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3 Ways to Engage Your Audience Using Instagram Stories

When I first started writing this piece, I considered taking it from a “how to” approach for making successful Instagram Stories. Then, I realized that all of this information is readily available on Instagram's Help page. Regurgitating it in a blog post, which has been done before, may not be as valuable as thinking about the...
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5 Strategies to Turbocharge Your Instagram Engagement

More than two-thirds of all Americans are active on social media, and Instagram is one of the platforms where 18- to 29-year-old users are especially active. Each day, the app’s 500-plus million active users post more than 95 million photos and videos, and “like” an average of 4.2 billion posts. Engagement isn’t equal among these...
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How to Team Up With the Right Micro-Influencer

Social media marketing has taken a turn no one could've anticipated: recognizing the value of a smaller audience. Think about it this way: when you're in a room that contains 100 people, how likely are you to connect with each person meaningfully? Now compare that to a room of just 10 people. Micro-influencer marketing is...
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4 Powerful Ways to Clear Through Holiday Marketing Clutter

Regardless of the medium, a sea of cluttered messaging from retailers, restaurants and small businesses alike constantly bombard consumers each day. Throw the holiday season into the mix and the sea of messaging has turned into a full-blown flood, leaving a slim chance that your marketing messaging is being viewed by your target audience. Sitting...
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A Small Business Guide to Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a cheap and accessible way to connect with your followers and build your brand identity. An Instagram Story is a short clip, no longer than 15 seconds, featuring photos, video or a mix of both which disappears after 24 hours. With 250 million daily users, it has rapidly become the go-to source...
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How to Create a Killer Seasonal Instagram Ad

Creating a seasonal Instagram ad can boost your revenue and online traffic during the peak shopping season. The holidays are brimming with consumers looking for services and gifts to provide for themselves and their loved ones. However, if you’re not sure how to make a killer Instagram ad (or you’re looking for some help to...
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How to Know When Making a Change is Necessary to Adapt and Grow

The following is excerpted from "Shift Ahead: How the Best Companies Stay Relevant in a Fast-Changing World" by Allen Adamson and Joel Steckel © 2018 Allen Adamson and Joel Steckel. All rights reserved. Published by AMACOM Books. Division of American Management Association 1601 Broadway, New York, NY 10019. The difference between driving a manual transmission...
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5 Ways To Jumpstart Your Startup’s Social Media Strategy

Launching a startup is exciting, but wearing many hats can be both exhilarating and draining—because it’s hard to juggle 10 jobs and be the master of them all. Some tasks are easier than others, but one of these hats, social media, is a pain point for many entrepreneurs. The way we communicate with potential customers...