Colour Psychology: Affects of Colour [Infographic]

25 May 2016

Justin Green

Justin Green works with M2 On Hold, Australia’s leading on hold message provider. For the past 20 years, M2 On Hold has been providing a top class comprehensive service to clients all across Australia from IVR recordings to VOIP services.

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Colour Psychology

Marketers, advertisers and designers use colour psychology to appeal to and broaden their targeted consumer base. Small business owners can utilize colour in their marketing and branding to positively influence consumers, customers and the like. Since colour is one of the most influential forms of non-verbal communication used by designers, small businesses can easily convey meaning and essential company messages through logo design and colour.

In order to examine how businesses can use colour to grow their branding, M2 On Hold created this infographic.

Take a look below to learn how your startup or small business can utilize colour in order to help boost your company.

Colour Psychology

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