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3 Types of Design Your Early-Stage Company Should Focus on

We’ve learned a lot at Aesthetic about how early stage companies can best leverage design to become more valuable, and we’re excited to share our learnings from working with more than 100 companies over the last 18 months. We hope this will be helpful to the entire startup community, especially founders that are just getting...
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The Art of Design (and Management) in Entrepreneurship

StartupNation Radio is brought to you by our sponsor, Pappas Financial. On this episode of StartupNation Radio, Jeff explores the relationship of design and entrepreneurship with two very influential guests. First up on the show, he chats with graphic designer, Mick Brege. Later, Jeff interviews Julie Zhuo, VP of design at Facebook, who shares her...
pitch deck
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How to Design a Pitch Deck That Captures a Crowd

Starting a business is the ultimate dream for many, but often times, what stands in the way of reaching the pinnacle of success is the ever-dreaded pitch deck. Whether it’s for investors, a new partner or a networking group, presenting a pitch can be nerve-wracking. How can you create a deck that captures the attention...
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Power Your Innovative Ideas: Dell Unveils New Precision 5720 All-in-One

Content sponsored by Dell Small Business Incredible power for innovative ideas – now in an all-in-one High-powered processing: 7th Gen Intel® Core™ and Intel Xeon® processors provide the power to maintain maximum performance and uninterrupted workflow while running even the most demanding professional software applications. Uncompromised graphics: The latest AMD Radeon™ Pro graphics are engineered to keep...
user testing
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5 User Testing Mistakes That Even Experienced Startups Make

"We had a big idea and we freaking went for it," Kash Shaikh, Besomebody CEO, wistfully told the company's community earlier this year. The Boston-based business, Shaikh continued, would then shut its doors the very next day. It's a story that no startup wants to hear. After appearing last November on ABC's "Shark Tank," Besomebody briefly gained fame...
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The Real Cost of Starting a Business Using WordPress

Starting any business from the ground up is challenging, especially when you have a plethora of responsibilities and tasks on your hands. Choosing to build your startup's website with WordPress is appealing because it’s user-friendly and provides a wealth of options for non-coders. It’s the perfect option for those who seek control and are willing...
Personal brand
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4 Elements of a Great Personal Brand

I’ve been in the online marketing space in some way since 2010. I had a blog before it was cool to have one, so I’ve seen the transition online from people having personal blogs to creating a personal brand. I’ve also gone through this transition myself. I’ve spent much of the last couple of years...
Content management systems
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Top Content Management Systems for Your Small Business

A content management system (CMS) helps small business owners organize, manage and present information digitally, such as websites, blogs and online stores. Content management systems can also help you communicate with employees and customers and achieve strategic goals like increasing online sales and loyalty. How will you use it? Most popular content management systems today are designed...
Creative design
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5 Ways to Tell Your Brand’s Story Using Creative Design

How does your brand engage with its audience? One easy way of telling your brand's story is with visuals. It is said that 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. While there may be may other ways to visually convey brand information, creative design...
Fonts and Colors
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How Do Fonts and Colors Influence Your Audience?

Whether you want someone to download an e-book from your site or spend money on your products or services, fonts and colors remain the most persuasive factors to consider. Visual appearances, such as the fonts and colors of a product or service, are more important than all other factors such as smell, sound or texture combined....
Startup Workspace
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How to Create the Right Startup Workspace [Infographic]

Building a strong team of employees is a crucial step for any startup, but if you’re not maximizing your team’s talents, your company could be suffering. Research shows that by creating the right startup workspace, you directly impact employee performance, so creating a space that fits the needs of you and your employees is key. That’s...
Colour Psychology
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Colour Psychology: Affects of Colour [Infographic]

Colour Psychology Marketers, advertisers and designers use colour psychology to appeal to and broaden their targeted consumer base. Small business owners can utilize colour in their marketing and branding to positively influence consumers, customers and the like. Since colour is one of the most influential forms of non-verbal communication used by designers, small businesses can easily convey...
"big box" store
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The Anatomy of a Perfect Checkout Page

Get your The Anatomy of a Perfect Checkout Page If you’re starting up your very own retail business online then, once you have established your brand, products and design, the most important step in your business is to have not only a working and effective checkout page but also one that can handle your customers’...
Free Tools for Entrepreneurs
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Free Tools for Entrepreneurs & Tech Startups

Attention Tech Startups & Fellow Entrepreneurs: As a Startupologist There Is Nothing Better Than Finding Free Stuff Made By Awesome People! Special thanks to all the bloggers and web content curators that spread the word about free tools, tips and tricks for bootstrappers. This list was curated from +50 tech blogs & websites such as...
fashion brand
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The client-designer relationship

Client and Designer Relationship: Clearing up any misunderstanding Working with a designer should be a somewhat simple process but there seems to be a lot of misunderstandings when it comes to what design is and what designers do. To clarify a few misunderstood aspects of design; proper branding is more than just a logo, proper...