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How Do Fonts and Colors Influence Your Audience?

Whether you want someone to download an e-book from your site or spend money on your products or services, fonts and colors remain the most persuasive factors to consider.

Visual appearances, such as the fonts and colors of a product or service, are more important than all other factors such as smell, sound or texture combined. In fact, an article published by Kissmetrics reveals that 93 percent of people rank visual appearance as their biggest buying factor, and 85 percent say color is the primary reason to buy an item.

Colors and fonts appeal to people’s emotions and often influence one’s purchase decisions. However, preference over colors varies largely from individual to individual. An article published in Quicksprout reveals that people make a subconscious judgement about a product within 90 seconds of initial viewing. Up to 90 percent of that assessment is based on color alone.

Here’s the deal: Colors and fonts impact everyone, whether you’re sketching a character design for your brand or are planning to invest on a website. Clearly, colors and fonts are the biggest influential factors. In fact, “If a good color sells, the right color sells better,” reveals an article published at

Similarly, by using the right font and color, your business displays the proper strength and trustworthiness to prospective buyers.


Different colors depict certain moods and feelings. Below, find the psychological properties of the four primary colors:

  • Blue: trustworthy, cool, calm, honest
  • Yellow: optimistic, logical, playful, confident
  • Red: love, energy, exciting, passionate
  • Green: growth, fresh, earth, natural

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Below, see how Flat Design makes great use of various colors to differentiate elements and divert their reader’s attention.

Fonts and colors
(Flat Design’s use of color)


Different fonts also have various impacts on people. Take, for instance, the logo of apparels company GAP: the logo is wide, creating a characteristic look. The creative logo design of GAP is simple yet memorable and has mass appeal.

According to an article published in, “Using the wrong font may give people the wrong impression about you and could affect decisions that will shape your future.”

Fonts and layouts have the power to influence your audience. For instance, we generally associate Comic Sans with childishness. Now, let’s see in what ways colors and fonts influence people together:

  1. Emotional effects: People of different cultures are associated with different colors religiously and socially. Quite expectedly, choice of colors and fonts for branding appeals to their emotions in a big way, making the difference between the success and failure of a brand in today’s ever-so-competitive and ever-so-chaotic market
  2. Clarity of purpose: Remember, color plays a vital role in effective branding. Be careful with the choice of colors and fonts if you intend to make your brand voice be heard
  3. First impressions: Remember, there is only one chance to make that first impression, and often there are no second chances. Be careful with the use of colors and fonts in order to create a lasting first impression that will retain loyal customers

Fonts and colors in your branding

Now that you know how important colors and fonts are in the overall branding and success of your business, it makes sense to ensure that all your websites and products feature the right choice of colors and fonts.

Before you choose fonts and colors, take time to decide what type of message you wish to convey through your branding. Then select the colors and fonts that are best fit to express your intended message through your logo, website, business card, brochure or other marketing materials.

By using the same color scheme and fonts throughout, your brand maintains coherency and adds elements of consistency.

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