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5 Essential Practices for Developing a Personal Brand

Amid COVID-19, many individuals are using time spent sheltering in place to start a business or pursue a side hustle. If that sounds familiar, as you begin taking the next steps to create a professional brand, including drafting business plans and incorporating the business, you must also consider developing your personal brand. StartupNation exclusive discounts...
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Build an Irresistible Brand by Connecting with Your Audience

A veteran of marketing, public relations, branding and creative direction, SheBrand founder, Liz Dennery Sanders, has helped some of the world’s most iconic brands tell their stories. Recognizing that not everyone can afford her services, Sanders recently published a book called “Style & Substance: How to Create a Compelling Brand: A Guide to Women Who Want to...
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What Does it Take to Run a Successful Marketing Campaign?

What are your startup's goals for Q3 and Q4 of this year? Realizing any of them requires marketing greatness — and marketing greatness requires a plan. Today’s marketing world requires a new expertise and familiarity with digital tools and online platforms. Let’s take a look at six of the components of a successful startup marketing...
pitch deck
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How to Design a Pitch Deck That Captures a Crowd

Starting a business is the ultimate dream for many, but often times, what stands in the way of reaching the pinnacle of success is the ever-dreaded pitch deck. Whether it’s for investors, a new partner or a networking group, presenting a pitch can be nerve-wracking. How can you create a deck that captures the attention...
Creative design
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5 Ways to Tell Your Brand’s Story Using Creative Design

How does your brand engage with its audience? One easy way of telling your brand's story is with visuals. It is said that 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. While there may be may other ways to visually convey brand information, creative design...
Fonts and Colors
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How Do Fonts and Colors Influence Your Audience?

Whether you want someone to download an e-book from your site or spend money on your products or services, fonts and colors remain the most persuasive factors to consider. Visual appearances, such as the fonts and colors of a product or service, are more important than all other factors such as smell, sound or texture combined....
Brand Equity
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4 Principles for Building and Sustaining Brand Equity

Millions of businesses are joining the startup world each year. In an environment flush with competition, those new to the field must strive to differentiate themselves from other entities. But what separates one excellent product from another? That would be the brand, which becomes one of the most important assets as a company grows and develops. “Brand...