Startup Workspace

How to Create the Right Startup Workspace [Infographic]

Building a strong team of employees is a crucial step for any startup, but if you’re not maximizing your team’s talents, your company could be suffering. Research shows that by creating the right startup workspace, you directly impact employee performance, so creating a space that fits the needs of you and your employees is key.

That’s right—your office design isn’t just an aesthetic choice. It could mean the difference between employees who thrive and those who dread coming to work.

To determine whether you need an open office, cubicles, a coworking space or no office at all, look to your team. What type of people do you employ? Tapping into psychologist John Holland’s Theory of Career Choice, we’ve pinpointed some of the most common workplace personalities, from artists and thinkers to organizers and helpers. Use the insights from below to discover the style of workspace that is best for your startup.

Create the Right Workspace

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