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marketing risks
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5 Traditional Marketing Risks That Have Gone Digital

Marketing has long been a practice of putting the right message in front of the right people. Before the internet, and even some time after it, most marketing was done through very physical mediums, or through television and radio. However, the development of fully online digital marketing has made it far easier to own and...
Trademark Infringement
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Trademark Infringement: Case Studies and How to Avoid It

Take three restaurants, add the spice of strangely similar menus and a garnish of accusations. The end result? A piping hot federal lawsuit. Recent cases of trademark infringement and trade secret misappropriation serve as a reminder to small business owners to invest in protecting their trademarks, trade secrets and brand equity. According to the American...
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A North Face By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet….

I just came across a great blog post by a fellow attorney, J. Michael Hurst at Keating Muething & Klekamp PLLC. Apparently, 19-year old Jimmy Winkelmann created a company called The South Butt LLC, which was meant as a parody of The North Face. Here are the two logos at issue:   Apparently, Jimmy has...
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How Someone Ripped off Our Twitter Name and We Fought Back

You've probably read our StartupNation advice about how to leverage the value of social media to benefit your business. (You can listen to a first and second podcast on this subject, too.) But a word of warning: What you may not know--and should be prepared to overcome--is that just like there are squatters on website...
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iPhone – Apple vs Cisco

So it's big news these days about Apple coming out with a product and calling it something that Cisco already is calling one of its products. This is very likely much ado about nothing as Apple certainly was aware that Cisco already had a product called iPhone. Reports are that the two companies have been...
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Apple Computer trademark litigation: lesson for small business startups

Pay attention to the details when you're starting your small business. It will pay off handsomely when you grow your business into one that people notice. Apple Computer is learning that the hard way right now. Apple's iTunes is battling with Apple Corps, the music company set up by The Beatles (yes, THOSE Beatles) in...