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Daniel Matthews specializes in delivering valuable insights for small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups. On a mission to build his own personal brand as a writer, consultant and journalist, he believes in connecting with one's audience and peers to make work better.
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Here’s Your Roadmap to Success as a Solopreneur

Oftentimes, the stereotype of the solopreneur is like that of the starving artist. You’re eking out a living, existing on ramen and chips. Sounds familiar, right? You’re interested in making an impact now—otherwise, you wouldn’t be...
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How to Keep Your Virtual Team Engaged

There’s no doubt the world of work is changing. The internet, the cloud and apps have successfully untethered work from the office. You can run your business from anywhere, which minimizes startup costs and creates...
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How to Optimize E-Commerce for Millennials

Millennials are highly interested in great deals, experiences and ethical business practices. When it comes to the latter, a majority of millennials are willing to pay more for products from brands that prioritize sustainability. Even...