Marketing Strategy for your Small Business: Just Do It !!

So often new startups spend lots of energy on marketing instead of simply doing great business and allowing (with some smart marketing help) the service to speak for itself through happy customers. Here’s an example of how this played out in my world recently:

I was talking with family members about finding a massage therapist. It had been just over a year since my hip replacement and the official physical therapy sessions had ended long ago. I’m aggressively building the strength in the hip but there is one muscle that had atrophied away to almost nothing during the years prior to the hip replacement, and it needs extra attention.

Suzanne’s sister Marguerite, a Pilates instructor, read an article about a highly acclaimed therapeutic massage therapist and noted that his office is in the building right next to StartupNation headquarters. Marguerite told Suzanne, who told me. I never even saw the article.

After three sessions I am now a monthly client of Caggiano Therapeutic Massage. Nicholas doesn’t have a marketing budget that I’m aware of. He doesn’t have a website. His business card is distinctive but only has his cell phone as contact information. No email address. He didn’t even give me his card until after the third session.

Nicholas just does it! He provides a great service and allows customer word of mouth to virally spread. I have learned that he has over 2,000 clients, including the Detroit Tigers baseball team and Detroit Lions football team. And the most important thing is that he treats me, one customer, with extra special care. He teaches me about how the muscles and spinal chord in my body interact with one another, and gives me stretching homework to do in between sessions.

And now I’ve just done some marketing for him by writing this blog. He didn’t ask me to do it. I just felt compelled to. That’s some serious small business marketing.

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