Every Day Seems More Intense When You’re Starting Up Your Business

I’m going to the Detroit Tigers baseball game tonight with my bride Suzanne. Section 144, Row L, Seats 8 & 9. The reason we’re going to this particular game is that the Tigers starting pitcher is Chad Durbin. Chad is a StartupNation community member and is preparing for life after his major league baseball career is over by starting a business. We’ve gotten to know one another over the past year & a half. Chad was the very first community member featured in the StartupNation Community Podcast.

The baseball season is only a few weeks old and this is Chad’s third start. The first two games he did not pitch as well as he’d like or as he is capable, so that makes this game a bit more intense. Suzanne and I will be living and dying with every White Sox hitter that he faces tonight.

I’m reminded that it’s like that when first starting up a business too. Every day during those first few months brings with it an intensity that evens out after a few early victories. Sure, you need to get some wins under your belt, and you will if you have a solid business plan that is supporting your carefully defined life plan. But until you get that first win, or customer, each day is ratcheted up a few notches on the startup intensity meter.

Chad has a plan for his business day today as a major league pitcher. I believe it includes more curve balls and I know it includes keeping the ball away from the middle part of the plate where major league hitters will wallop it. He’ll keep the hitters off balance and keep them guessing. It’s a good business plan. Now it’s all about the execution.

Do you have a solid business plan? Then even though you may be in the initial startup phase where every day is more intense until you land some customers, just make certain you show up every day and execute that plan. You’re certain to begin to garner some victories.

Just like I know that Chad Durbin will. Starting tonight.

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