Entrepreneurs: Git It While the Gittin’s Good

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I was just instant-messaging with a small business owner friend of mine who is clearly in need of a Friday afternoon happy hour break from his hectic and wonderfully-full-of-great-business-from-lots-of-clients week.

He shared with me that he'll be working both days this weekend. My IM response to him was …

"Git it while the gittin's good.  Then go to Italy."

To which he replied …


He & his wife are planning their Italy trip for October just like Suzanne & I are.

Got me thinking & reminded me how important it is for us entrepreneurs to work our tails off into the evenings & weekends when we have customers clamoring for our goods & services.

And how important it is for us also to plan to take time to recharge & refresh.

Have a great weekend all ye entrepreneurs, whether you'll be working like my friend or refreshing. Both are vital to your long term business success.

We've got an entire topics area here at StartupNation dedicated to Taking Time Off. Check it out during a working-your-tail-off-break.

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