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Can Small Businesses Afford to Ditch Holiday Policies Like Virgin?

Small businesses and holiday policies Sir Richard Branson, Virgin's Founder, has recently announced a new policy for select employees in the US and UK Virgin offices: no more standard holiday policy. It is typical for workers in the U.S. to have a set amount of vacation and sick time (usually about 2-3 weeks), and that...
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Should you still send emails consistently over the summer?

I hope everyone had a great and relaxing Fourth of July weekend, and that you are gearing your business up for the second half of summer. Over the course of the summer months, at least in the United States, millions of people go on vacation, take a break from work and travel away from home....
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Entrepreneurs: Git It While the Gittin’s Good

I was just instant-messaging with a small business owner friend of mine who is clearly in need of a Friday afternoon happy hour break from his hectic and wonderfully-full-of-great-business-from-lots-of-clients week. He shared with me that he'll be working both days this weekend. My IM response to him was ... "Git it while the gittin's good. ...
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Vacation may lead to a new small business opportunity

I almost didn't come back from my vacation in North Carolina. Not only was the weather perfect, the ocean water warm and the rental house amazing, I saw business opportunities on every corner. I was so enthralled with the idea that I might start a business on the beach and spend the remainder of my...
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Need a Vacation? Tell Us Why and You Could Win One

Yep – it's true. All you gotta do is convince us. Do you consider yourself to be persuasive? Someone who is able to make your point succinctly and in such a compelling manner that you simply cannot be refused? Here's your chance to show off this special ability, and you could win a vacation! During...
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Entrepreneurs need to turn it off to turn it on

Entrepreneurs often don't but they especially should. And when they do, they don't really, at least not completely. (I'm reminding myself of Yogi Berra's famous quotes – my favorite: "If the fans don't come out to the ball park, you can't stop them." I'm talking about time off. Small business owners are in severe need...
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Cool Company of the Day:

Alright, those of you who want to start up a business but have no experience doing the actual kind of work that that business entails... this one's for you: Vocation Vacations. They're based in Oregon but serve up job stints all across the country (and beyond) at the kinds of businesses people typically only dream...
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Does the mere idea of taking vacation freak you out? I am a one-woman show in my business. With the exception of some computer and clerical stuff, I do everything myself. So, when I go away for a week, there is no one here to take messages, no one to deal with the problems that...