Vacation may lead to a new small business opportunity

I almost didn’t come back from my vacation in North Carolina. Not only was the weather perfect, the ocean water warm and the rental house amazing, I saw business opportunities on every corner. I was so enthralled with the idea that I might start a business on the beach and spend the remainder of my years as a beach bum, I daydreamed my vacation away imagining the businesses I might start up. The beach itself really could have used a snack shop. Better yet, someone selling fresh lemonade umbrella to umbrella. They needed good pizza, better ice cream, and more four star restaurants.

There was a several mile stretch of undeveloped land on the bay where I could build an amazing complex of stores, an arcade, and putt putt (I did notice a sign from the military that said there may be live ammunition and explosives on the property, but I’m sure we could have worked that out!).

Vacation dreams keep us going, relax us, and sometimes turn into business realities. I bet many of the seaside business owners started out as vacationers.

I’m back home: catching up on paperwork, trying to seal some deals and create some exciting opportunities, but I sure enjoyed my time out. And who knows, next year, I might just stay at the beach and build my dream beach business.

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