Does the mere idea of taking vacation freak you out? I am a one-woman show in my business. With the exception of some computer and clerical stuff, I do everything myself. So, when I go away for a week, there is no one here to take messages, no one to deal with the problems that inevitably crop up. I know once I get away, I won’t want to answer the phone or write an entry here, but I am worried that things will go wrong. Does that sound familiar? Many small and micro business owners avoid vacation all together. Some take their laptop and cell phone and run their business from the hotel room during valuable beach time. Some are able to walk away for a week without a thought–probably because they are well prepared in advance.

If you, like me, have a voice in your head saying “DON’T GO!!”, StartupNation comes to the rescue with this advice.

If you have any sure fire tips for relaxed vacationing, or issues you need help sorting out, ask the nation here!

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