Words Matter

I received a text message over the weekend from one of the co-founders of our new startup company Showcase U. It was short and sweet, as text messages tend to be. But it spoke volumes.

The message talked about how starting up a brand new company from scratch is extremely challenging and even though we have encountered mountains that we didn’t know existed, and we have found mountain passes to get through them, or we have scaled the summit and charged over the top of them, or we have blasted tunnels through them, we will get past these mountainous challenges together, ever more equipped to overcome the next mountain range that lies ahead. And, we would still be starting up at the very first mountain Joel, without your leadership. Have a blessed weekend, recharge yourself and I look forward to going into battle with you tomorrow.

Of course, I mentioned that the text was short and sweet – it didn’t say nearly all that I just related in the above paragraph. But that was the message that was given. A few positive and encouraging words that showed up on my phone, and I’m more eager than ever to go to war with this person.

I’m going to remember this as I go into some potentially challenging meetings this week. I know that I”m much more motivated by positive reinforcement and encouragement than a negative word or even tone.

I hope your day is spectacular.

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