Working Through the (Holiday) Weekend

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Woo-Hoo!! Memorial Day weekend is here!! It’s the unofficial kickoff to the summer months. A time when the working world gears up for outdoor activities, fun and frivolity. Today in my hometown of Detroit the baseball Tigers, basketball Pistons and hockey Red Wings all have home games, two of them playoff games, and one of them the Stanley Cup Finals. There are picnics and barbecues, and happy hours and everything but work going on all day long.

Except in my world. I’m an entrepreneur with a brand new startup company to build. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’ll still get to enjoy some of the silliness that is a part of being a sports fan in a sports-minded town. It’s just that those things will take a back seat to taking the opportunity to hammer out a few things, okay a whole bunch of things, on our startup company.

One of the things on my holiday startup company agenda is to go onto a radio show Sunday afternoon to talk about our company Showcase U. It was about a month ago that I was asked to do this radio show. I was offered the date that is Memorial Day Sunday. It’s not the best weekend since I’ve learned from the years of producing and guest hosting StartupNation Radio that holidays draw smaller audiences. And then there’s the whole “it’s gonna interrupt my holiday” thing.

But I’ve learned a great deal from Jeff & Rich Sloan and the entrepreneurial community here at StartupNation, and I’m still learning! Even though it’s a holiday Sunday and the radio station is local and has a relatively small audience … YOU DO IT!

This extremely wise decision was double-bonus confirmed as I woke up at 5:30am today & fired up the recording of CNBC’s The Big Idea that aired this past Thursday, while still laying in bed. Once again Rich Sloan was a guest sage, and once again I was too busy to see it live, so when Rich asked me yesterday if I’d seen it and specifically if I’d heard what he said, I told him “I’m not gonna watch it tonight because I know I’ll get fired up and won’t be able to sleep. I’ll watch it over breakfast tomorrow.”

I’m so glad I did. I was reminded by Rich on the show that grassroots marketing means you parlay the small PR opportunities into medium-sized ones and then those into larger ones. I knew that, which is the reason I had said yes to this radio opportunity on a holiday Sunday. But it sure felt great to be reminded of how smart I am.

And sure enough, I bounced out of bed and have had a rockin’ great day so far … and it’s not even noon yet!!

I LOVE holiday weekends.

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