You Gotta Start Your Week

Time often gets blurred in a startup company. “Normal” does not apply when it comes to workdays or workweeks.

But even when you’re in a season of 8 day weeks it’s important to have a start and an end to the week. So that even if you didn’t have a “weekend” to refresh, you still have an official start to a new week that gives you the opportunity to drop any baggage of “oh my, I didn’t get that & this & that done last week”. Starting with a clean slate is important so that you can unclutter your mind.

There are invariably some regular weekly activities that are necessary to accomplish and these can help put some structure around an otherwise unstructured startup environment. For me those include planning each week on Monday morning. I lay out all the action items that I want to accomplish over the next 7 days, prioritize them and enter the projected time that I expect to spend into a spreadsheet. It’s my way of ensuring that I don’t try to plan 10 days of action into a 7 day week. That’s a real recipe for disaster as I would always feel like i was failing, even though I may be getting a great deal accomplished.

At Showcase U we’re at a point where my action items are divided between 2 main categories: Website & Sales. I expect to spend 50% of my time this week on each. I’ll keep track as the week goes on. It may be that I end up spending more time on sales than the website, but it will be because I made a purposeful decision to do so, not because it “got away from me”.

So here goes, a brand new week with brand new goals and brand new challenges that will bring brand new victories.

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