Keeping Up With the Jones’s, Internet Style

The internet has leveled the playing field for small businesses – absolutely.
Startup companies can reach the entire globe with their product or service in a
way that just wasn’t possible a decade ago. Entrepreneurs have access to market
research that is far better and much timelier than ever before.

The ability to implement changes swiftly is another advantage that even a home based
business has over large companies these days. But this also creates a special
challenge for small businesses. There are so many upgrades and enhancements and
new software and better faster features that are released every day that an
entrepreneur can spend too much time assessing and evaluating new
possibilities. Today’s business risks paralysis due to all of this potential

Here at StartupNation we are faced with this issue in spades. We have a wonderfully
active community of really smart entrepreneurs. These people are constantly
coming up with ideas on how can be even better than it already

We love it!!! It’s just a special challenge to harness all of this fantastic input and
get the best stuff rolled out for our great community to take advantage of.

One of those new enhancements was released last week. The blog section of received Step 1 of a much larger blog enhancement planned for
the coming months. You can now bookmark any of the StartupNation blog entries
using the AddThis Social Bookmarking tool located at the bottom of each blog entry. And in order to post a blog comment
you must now be logged in. This will help to ensure that the comments are more
valuable and less spammy.

Are these enhancements earth shattering on their own? No. But they do help pave the way
for more features related to blogging at that we believe will
be extremely valuable to our current and future community members.

It’s both exciting and a bit frustrating to be on this side of the strategy and planning.
I’m fired up for what the future will bring and also impatient for it all to

By the way, one of the new bookmarks that you can use is StumbleUpon. Check out Chris
Hanisco’s recent blog about this cool tool.

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