Alastair Campbell

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Alastair Campbell is the founder of Nottinghamshire-based business data provider Company Check, and car search engine, which he established in 2015.
Angel investors
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Angel Investors Share Tips for Successful Business Pitches

As any entrepreneur knows, having support from angel investors in the early days can make all the difference when it comes to the success, or failure, of a startup company. It’s a boost just to know that someone has faith in you, as a person, and your idea – but real cash means you can...
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The Truth behind the Business of Football

The Business of Football in England - Cha-Ching! Football is known as the beautiful game, followed by millions across the globe. But it’s rare that we look at the state of football as a business. New research into the business behind football has revealed football’s biggest financial winners and losers during the 2014/15 season, showing...
First Business
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Advice BEFORE You Start Your First Business

My advice for tomorrow's entrepreneurs: What I wish I'd known when starting my first business Good people are invaluable, average people are expensive Surround yourself with the right people in your first business, from the start. Good people find answers, self motivate, think of others and have no problem understanding that some decisions are difficult...