Online marketing strategy: Podcast – you can do it!

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But should you? No way! The audience is too small & fragmented. Not everyone listens to audio stuff delivered over the internet. You really don’t have anything to say, anyway. As a matter of fact, the competition from bigger companies with bigger budgets is just too tough. Heck, you might as well just throw in the towel completely and go find a job at a big company.

What? You’re still here? Good. Now that we’ve gotten rid of the tire-kickers let’s have a real visionary-like conversation.

Small business is always looking for the differentiator that can set it apart from larger competitors. We’re more nimble. We can let our personality shine through easier than bigger companies can. We can make decisions faster and implement new strategies tomorrow.

All of that fits in pretty well with podcasting. Especially if your business has 1-to-1 contact with your customers. You’ll wind up speaking with them at some point anyway, so why not grease the skids with your voice in advance, or retain them as customers with a valuable reminder of your expertise?

When I listen to podcasts something extremely intimate happens. Especially when I listen using my ipod & headphones. There is a very personal connection that happens when the audio is flowing directly into my ears from the ear buds and no-one else is listening but me. I’m hooked. I am a customer just waiting to happen. Tell me about a product or service that you’ve used and enjoyed – I’m there. Educate me on what it is that you are an expert on – you’re the one I’m calling when I’m in the market for whatever you’ve got.

It’s new. It’s different. There will be a learning curve. Sound a little like the idea of having your own website did just a few years ago?

Ps Let me know if you’re podcasting. I have been invited to speak at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo in late September in southern California. I’d like to use real examples of people in the StartupNation community who are using podcasting as a marketing tool. I may even be able to include you on a panel if you’re planning on attending the Podcasting Expo in Ontario, California.

Any podcasters out there?

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