Brand new Entrepreneurial Tips podcast

I love podcasts. You only have to watch me walk around to figure that out. I used to have the signature white cords dangling from my earbuds, but now I’ve graduated to a Bluetooth wireless headset for my iPod. I’m certain that I’m the first one on my block sporting those babies!

So you can imagine my excitement with the announcement of a brand new podcast that’s right in my wheelhouse of interest: entrepreneurship.

It’s 10-15 minutes in length, perfect for my brief commute or a portion of my elliptical machine workout at the gym. It’s fast-paced with quick-hitting, actionable entrepreneurial tips. And it’s the Sloan brothers, Jeff & Rich, kicking back in a “brothers hanging out at the StartupNation office” style that’s complementary to the nationally syndicated StartupNation Radio show and perfect for their podcasting free-wheeling “let’s get down to it“ attitude.

It’s even sponsored by Southwest Airlines, who know a thing or 2 about building a great business in a competitive marketplace, so you can even get some cool special offers from SWABIZ.

The kick-off podcast in this series focuses on Low-cost promotional tactics for your business. The Sloan brothers talk about creating awareness for your small business products and services, so you can get customers to buy them! Hear about their favorite three tactics for promoting your business if you don’t have advertising dollars to spend.

Sure, I might be biased, and yes, I may have had a little input into how to create & launch this puppy, but you seriously gotta check it out. Remember, you don’t even need an iPod to listen to podcasts. You can listen right on your own computer & subscribe so you "don’t miss a one".

Just like the Saturday Night Live skit where Christopher Walken says “I Need More Cow-Bell !!”, you can never have enough great podcasts from StartupNation.

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