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5 Tips For Chasing Unpaid Invoices From Valued Clients

Every business wants its invoices paid in good time or at least within the scope of terms agreed ahead of work being undertaken or services being provided. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. In fact, chasing unpaid invoices can often come to feel like a full time job in itself for small business bosses and freelance...
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Rembrandt’s New Blog-40 No Cost Press Release Posting Sites

Fellow Entrepreneurs, Welcome to my new blog! After being part of StartupNation since the beginning and speaking with many of you through this online community, I am happy to provide some additional help and resources via this venue. I've been through the trenches. And as a small business owner myself, I know you are working...
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5 tips for eBay selling

Want to be successful selling on eBay? These 5 tips for eBay selling are a good starting point for your eBay business. 1) Understand your eBay selling costs of doing business eBay selling is not as simple as some people make it out to be. Your are running a complicated business, so treat it that...
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Tip Sheets: One of the Most Effective Publicity Tools

The Most Important Publicity Tool: YOU! Daren Hornig was becoming increasingly frustrated in 2006 with the never-ending stream of articles warning of the coming real estate crash. As president and CEO of The Quest Group, a commercial brokerage firm in New York City, he didn’t agree that a reversal was looming. And he wanted to...
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Brand new Entrepreneurial Tips podcast

I love podcasts. You only have to watch me walk around to figure that out. I used to have the signature white cords dangling from my earbuds, but now I've graduated to a Bluetooth wireless headset for my iPod. I'm certain that I'm the first one on my block sporting those babies! So you can...
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Home Based Business Tips

Starting a business has never been easier. The internet allows you to reach a global market and setting up a business in your home is an extremely popular way to test the waters in the evenings & on weekends. Before I joined the StartupNation team in early 2004 I ran a home based recruiting business...
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Website Traffic Tips from founder

This past weekend on StartupNation Radio we were joined by guest host, Patrick Byrne, founder and CEO of The theme of the show was all about creating a web presence that takes your business to new heights. Patrick should know... his company is on a course to do a billion dollars in revenue this...