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This past weekend on StartupNation Radio we were joined by guest host, Patrick Byrne, founder and CEO of

The theme of the show was all about creating a web presence that takes your business to new heights. Patrick should know… his company is on a course to do a billion dollars in revenue this year!

During the show, the questions from callers were excellent. Hats off to our audience for making the show so interesting and informative!

Here’s one of the great takeaways from Patrick during the show: To generate awareness and traffic for your site, he advocates the concept of "narrowcasting" rather than "broadcasting" your marketing message online.

Rather than focus your efforts on advertising your message to a lot of people and expecting to get 1% to respond, figure out ways to focus your energy only on that 1%.

One of the ways he recommended doing this is to have links to your site set up on other sites that clearly cater to your target customer.

For example, let’s say you own a business where you teach people how to knit. If you know of someone who’s got a site that sells knitting products, that’s a natural place for you to have a link to your website.

This is called "affiliate marketing," and can be an extremely powerful method to grow the traffic to your site.

Anyone have additional comments/ideas???

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