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Starting a business has never been easier. The internet allows you to reach a global market and setting up a business in your home is an extremely popular way to test the waters in the evenings & on weekends. Before I joined the StartupNation team in early 2004 I ran a home based recruiting business for over ten years. I was in business for 19 years, but it wasn’t cool to have a business in the home when I started back in 1985.

The greatest challenge I faced in working from home was isolation. If you run a home based business, you will deal with this at some point on some level. We even have a StartupNation blog focusing on home based business owners. It’s written by our stay-at-home radio consultant Joan Isabella. Joan makes it "real" in her blog. I really love it.

Lesley Spencer is the founder of Home Based Working Moms in Austin, Texas. Lesley joined us this past week as the guest expert on our online seminar. The Q&A after the 30 minute presentation was especially cool. You can watch the archive & learn a bunch.

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