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Marcia Layton Turner runs Layton & Co., Inc. and the Association of Ghostwriters and is a member of the advisory board for, which awards monthly grants of $10,000 to aspiring and established women business owners, as well as an annual $25,000 grant to one of the prior 12 winners.
grants for minority women
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15 Grant Programs for Minority and Women Business Owners

Grant programs offering free money are hard to come by, which is why many entrepreneurs frequently end up applying for small business loans or try crowdfunding to start or expand their companies. However, many organizations have recently created grants in an effort to assist companies that have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. Some of...
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5 Creative Financing Tools to Kickstart Your Business

Traditional banks today aren’t typically willing to lend to startup ventures, unless you have a stellar track record and money already in the bank. Only 30 percent of businesses are bank-funded, according to Linda Jenkins, CEO of the Gold Alliance Group, so odds are good that you may need to get creative in order to...
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Overcome These 7 Hurdles to Achieve Startup Success

The path to entrepreneurial success is never straight and never easy. But the issues you might expect to be major obstacles often turn out to be inconsequential, while seemingly minor behaviors and habits can seriously limit your business’s growth and success. Seven common stumbling blocks to be aware of, so you can avoid or overcome...
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Tip Sheets: One of the Most Effective Publicity Tools

The Most Important Publicity Tool: YOU! Daren Hornig was becoming increasingly frustrated in 2006 with the never-ending stream of articles warning of the coming real estate crash. As president and CEO of The Quest Group, a commercial brokerage firm in New York City, he didn’t agree that a reversal was looming. And he wanted to...