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LISTEN: Projected Impact of AI on Labor

If your competitors are putting AI to work to create efficiencies, cut costs, and increase productivity: be aware. But more to the point, start considering deploying AI in ways that keep you competitive. Tune in...
Blue and red light from computer
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LISTEN: AI Becoming a Threat to Marketers

According to a new study by SurveyMonkey, 27% of marketers now indicate that they fear artificial intelligence could threaten their job security. What are the key use cases? 34% of marketers integrate AI into the...
ChatGPT webpage on a phone
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LISTEN: The Power of AI Tools Like ChatGPT

A study from Constant Contact asked how specifically businesses are using AI, or artificial intelligence, tools. The results: 52% use it for better social media execution, 44% for content creation, 41% email campaigns, 35% for...
Man holding phone with ChatGPT homescreen open
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LISTEN: How Are We Using ChatGPT?

The most common uses of ChatGPT were for writing code, creating tables, and providing examples. While "make", "create", and "provide" were the most popular ways to start a conversation with ChatGPT. Tune in to News/Talk...
ChatGPT homepage on a laptop screen
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Is ChatGPT a Threat to Your Business?

Is ChatGPT a threat to your company? Those that use the open-source access to the base technology and modify it to do very specific tasks will be the companies that ultimately prosper most. Tune in...