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A growth hacker at heart, Jess helps SaaS companies rapidly scale their inbound leads through lean marketing strategies. She views content marketing and advertising as the perfect concoction of growth and loves to write about her insights and experiences.
funnel drop-offs
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User Experience and Funnel Drop-Offs: What You Should Know

Websites and online businesses are always trying to attract and retain users. Knowing how to improve customer experience and prevent funnel drop-offs is key to success online.  Sales funnel drop-offs refer to the moment during the buying process where the user abandons the process on a website or app.  They signal problems with the user...
launch your own API
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Launch Your Own API to Create New Business Opportunities

There are lots of ways to build a business, and if you feel like the momentum you crave is eluding you, it might be time to switch things up with some fresh growth strategies. One game-changing way to achieve this is by building and distributing an API, otherwise known as an application programming interface. APIs...
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Easy Ways to Implement Sustainable Business Practices

More and more people are waking up to the negative impacts that business practices can have on the environment. So, there is growing consumer demand for business practices to become more sustainable. Not only can businesses do their bit for the environment by becoming more sustainable, but they can also improve their brand image, generate...
empathetic company culture
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Attract Talent by Creating an Empathetic Company Culture

Each new generation brings something different to the table and tries hard to paint the social norms in their colors. Nowadays, it’s millennials' turn to make the world a better place and they truly managed to bring some extremely sensitive issues under the spotlight.  Let’s take the workplace as an example. What used to be...
leave management
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Ways to Improve Your Leave Management Process

Leave management can be a complicated process, even for entrepreneurs and small businesses.  The logistical sides of leave management can confuse any sole proprietor or LLC owner. Even freelancers can find it difficult to take time for themselves. However, organization in this area isn’t impossible. Both freelancers and small business owners can detangle their leave...
employee engagement
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Employee Engagement: 7 Trends to Secure Your Workforce Beyond 2022

Your employees are at the heart of what makes your business function, so you want to retain the top talent. To grow your company further and stave off the competition, you need to ensure you have employees on board who represent your business commitments and values. In order to secure your workforce beyond 2022, there...