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Dell Helps Businesses Identify the Best Display Monitor for Each Employee

As companies of all types and sizes struggle to survive and thrive in highly competitive markets, increasing employee productivity can provide a crucial edge. Even small gains, multiplied across all employees, can drive  considerable growth. The less quantifiable benefits can be even greater, as happier, more productive employees are far more likely to deliver exceptional...
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As You Scale Your Business, What Role Will Content Play?

There’s a startup renaissance going on right now, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. 2021 was a record year for U.S. venture capital, with investment nearly doubling year over year and first-time, early stage financings on the rise. But that doesn’t mean it’s getting any easier to start your own...
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How to Ensure Your Homepage Helps Your Business Reach Its Goals

If you want your online business to flourish, you need to ensure you get your website’s homepage right. This is because it will provide the first impression people get of your brand, and you’ll need it to be a good one.  An excellent homepage will help your small business grow by facilitating the buyer’s journey,...
virtual office
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Meetings in the Metaverse: A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Virtual Office

Virtual reality has been around for a while. However, it wasn't until recently that technology evolved enough to make VR experiences truly immersive and realistic. Today, VR is popping up everywhere, especially after Facebook's rebranding as Meta that turned the public's attention to the metaverse. Even though some believe the true metaverse is still years...
tech stack
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5 Tips to Effectively Manage Your Growing Tech Stack

We live in an increasingly digital world — one where companies are using an ever-growing number of tech tools to automate or streamline a broad range of key business functions to boost productivity. These tech tools can often simplify a variety of office responsibilities, ranging from supply chain management to aggregating sales data. However, an...
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Keeping Books for a Small Business … Without Spreadsheets

From side hustle to freelance to startup, keeping track of money just can’t be ignored. This is called bookkeeping, and it helps you know how much money you’re earning, where your business is spending and how much you are making. The practice has evolved somewhat since 1458, when Benedetto Cotrugli standardized the practice of bookkeeping...
AI As Your Teammate
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Your Guide to Using Custom Automation for Any Business Process

The following is adapted from "AI as Your Teammate" by Evan Ryan. Copyright 2021 by Teammate Press. There are so many AI tools out there that allow you to automate a multitude of tasks both large and small. But custom automation? That is where the rubber truly meets the road. Once you give your team...
productivity technologies
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The Right Technologies Will Boost Your Startup’s Productivity

If you ask a room full of new entrepreneurs what they’ve struggled with most, they’ll likely tell you something about productivity.  From focusing on low-priority tasks to managing processes manually, productivity woes plague new business owners.  With countless to-do lists, goals to chase and dreams to manifest, it’s no wonder entrepreneurs are pulled left and...
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Metaverse for Dummies: How Can You Play Along?

What makes the metaverse so attractive is its unique promise to create a place where users can connect with others through a virtual, shared universe. But what is it and how can you join in? "We've gone from desktop to web to mobile; from text to photos to video. But this isn't the end of...
organizational apps
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Business Basics: 10 Best Organizational Apps To Help Startups

The creation of mobile apps has changed the way we live and work. They’ve enabled us to do take on a range of daily tasks, including instant messaging, file sharing, to-do lists, online banking and more. They’ve also made running a business much easier by allowing business owners to undertake tasks on the go and...
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NFTs: Why They Matter to Small Businesses

Standing out as a startup or small business just got tougher. You can thank an upsurge in entrepreneurial activity ostensibly spurred by the pandemic. The U.S. Census Bureau’s business formation data shows that more than four million people became founders in 2020 alone. That’s a record number of launches in a 12-month span—and all the...
protection wherever you go
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TechBytes: Protection Wherever Life Takes You with Dell Technologies & McAfee (Episode 4)

On this episode of StartupNation TechBytes, learn how Dell Technologies and McAfee are helping small businesses and consumers beef up their cybersecurity. Matt Papendorf, Dell Senior Advisor and OEM Security Brand Manager, and Megan Wright, Dell Small Business Associations Lead, discuss McAfee's all-in-one approach Among the recommendations discussed by Papendorf and  Wright, customers should review what...
conversational commerce
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Why Conversational Commerce Is the Future of E-Commerce

Conversational commerce is the future of e-commerce. That seems like a pretty bold statement, right? And if you’re not too familiar with all things conversational commerce, you might think we’re jumping the gun a little on this one – but hear us out. Conversational commerce is essentially a strategy where the use of messaging services corresponds...
Dell holiday gift guide
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Dell Gift Guide: Save Big on the Season’s Hottest High-Performance Tech

StartupNation has partnered with Dell Technologies to bring you the ultimate holiday gift guide with savings of more than 45%! Make Dell your one-stop shop this holiday season and find the newest high-performance tech for everyone on your list—including yourself! From laptops and desktops to monitors and accessories, Dell Technologies has you covered. Click HERE to...
VR technology
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Why VR Technology is 2022’s Must-Have Business Tool

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg made headlines this year with his ambitious plans to build a metaverse, a world in which social and professional interactions are mediated by immersive digital technologies. But away from the front pages, these technologies are already being enthusiastically adopted by forward-thinking companies. And while the past year has seen a plethora of...
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A Work-From-Home E-Book From Dell

For most companies, work-from-home directives came almost overnight, with little time to address critical remote technology issues of scale, management, support, productivity, security and more. For your IT team, this situation is certainly not normal. And it has tested their ability to support your employees who are working from home in numbers like never before....
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What Small Businesses Can Do to Thwart the Top 5 Cybersecurity Threats

It's a common misconception that large corporations are the only ones at risk for cyberattacks. People believe that businesses too small should not worry about cybersecurity. Unfortunately, this is not the case. As cyberattacks are now automated, it's easier for cyber terrorists to target thousands of businesses at once. Small businesses often have less technical...