ChatGPT Lends a Hand for New Year’s Resolutions

Like a lot of you, we at StartupNation spent the last few weeks racing to close out 2022, laying plans for 2023 and setting some resolutions for the New Year.

As we published and shared some excellent articles on those topics—like this one about marketing trends to lean into in 2023—we thought it would be fun to test out ChatGPT to help us put together a snap New Year’s resolutions list.

2024 New Year Resolutions, from StartupNation and AI

ChatGPT, for those catching up on the latest technology news, is an artificial intelligence tool that shows a remarkable ability to draw on a world of existing texts to answer all kinds of questions. The answers sound surprisingly like those you would get from a person.

Released by the San Francisco company OpenAI, ChatGPT can also perform more basic AI tasks like summarizing texts, producing clear responses in the format you request.

For fun, we grabbed four StartupNation articles about preparing your business for the New Year, combined the texts from them and asked ChatGPT to produce a “summary in list format.”

Here is what we got:

  1. Stay on top of industry policy trends
  2. Set goals for business, health, and growth
  3. Dream big and set long-term goals
  4. Choose a credit card that will help grow the business
  5. Focus on happiness for oneself and employees
  6. Prioritize your own sustainability and set goals for personal and business growth
  7. Set a budget and financial goals
  8. Focus on customer satisfaction
  9. Seek out new opportunities
  10. Reflect on the past year and assess what worked and what didn’t
  11. Don’t be afraid to pivot or make changes as needed
  12. Seek out mentors or join a community of like-minded individuals for support and guidance.

A little repetitive. Maybe too specific in spots. But pretty good, right?

Appropriately, one of the things on StartupNation’s list for 2023 is publishing more information about artificial intelligence. We will focus on how startups and small businesses can use AI, like this article by Nahla Davies.

“When leveraged correctly, AI can make your startup much more efficient, particularly in the age of remote work,” Davis writes. “But you don’t want to rely on AI too much, nor do you want to develop or leverage it improperly.”

To close out our little experiment, we turned to ChatGPI for a list of New Year’s tasks based not on existing StartupNation articles but on the whole world of texts that ChatGPI can draw upon.

Here is the response to the query, “list the things a small business should do before starting a new year.”

  1. Review the past year: Take time to reflect on the past year and assess the business’s performance. This could include reviewing financial statements, analyzing sales and marketing efforts, and looking at customer feedback.
  2. Set goals: Use the insights gained from the review of the past year to set goals for the upcoming year. These could include financial targets, marketing and sales goals, or operational objectives.
  3. Create a budget: Based on the goals set for the new year, create a budget that outlines expected income and expenses. This will help the business to plan and manage its financial resources effectively.
  4. Plan marketing efforts: Develop a marketing plan for the new year that outlines the strategies and tactics that the business will use to reach its target audience and drive sales.
  5. Review and update business plans: Review the business’s existing business plan and make any necessary updates to reflect the goals and priorities for the new year.
  6. Review and update policies and procedures: Review the business’s policies and procedures to ensure they are up-to-date and aligned with the business’s goals and objectives.
  7. Review and update contracts: Review any contracts that the business has with suppliers, partners, or customers and make any necessary updates.
  8. Prepare for the new year: Make any necessary preparations for the new year, such as ordering inventory, updating software or systems, or hiring new staff.

And on that long but impressive note … Happy New Year!

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