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LISTEN: Projected Impact of AI on Labor

If your competitors are putting AI to work to create efficiencies, cut costs, and increase productivity: be aware. But more to the point, start considering deploying AI in ways that keep you competitive. Tune in...
Blue and red light from computer
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LISTEN: AI Becoming a Threat to Marketers

According to a new study by SurveyMonkey, 27% of marketers now indicate that they fear artificial intelligence could threaten their job security. What are the key use cases? 34% of marketers integrate AI into the...
ChatGPT webpage on a phone
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LISTEN: The Power of AI Tools Like ChatGPT

A study from Constant Contact asked how specifically businesses are using AI, or artificial intelligence, tools. The results: 52% use it for better social media execution, 44% for content creation, 41% email campaigns, 35% for...
ChatGPT homepage on a laptop screen
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Is ChatGPT a Threat to Your Business?

Is ChatGPT a threat to your company? Those that use the open-source access to the base technology and modify it to do very specific tasks will be the companies that ultimately prosper most. Tune in...
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7 Mobile App Trends to Watch in 2023

The mobile app industry is an ever-changing landscape, with new technologies and trends emerging on a regular basis.   It's nearly universal that people possess their own smartphones and the utilization of it is growing. The...