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Ray Blakney is the CEO and cofounder of Live Lingua, a renowned online language learning platform. Live Lingua offers a unique and immersive approach to mastering a new language, as it pairs users who want to learn Spanish, French, Chinese and more with their own hand-picked, certified, native-speaking tutor for online teaching sessions. Blakney is also the founder of Podcast Hawk, a SaaS product that helps people get booked on podcasts.
set business up success
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Here’s How to Set Your New Business up for Success

Are you finally ready to follow your dreams and be your own boss? Do you have an incredible idea for a business that can really help solve a problem that you just know many consumers face? Becoming an entrepreneur is exciting and you probably want to jump right in now. However, it is important to...
bootstrap product launch
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3 Excellent Ways to Bootstrap Your Startup’s Product Launch

You’ve finally decided to embark on the entrepreneurial journey of your dreams and be your own boss. Congratulations! Now that you're in the planning stages, you've likely started thinking about how you’ll fund your dream company. While bootstrapping isn’t for everyone, starting a business with your own funds keeps you from relying on investors for...