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How to Use Facebook Marketing to Promote Your New Business and Engage Customers

It is common knowledge that Facebook is a marketing powerhouse for virtually all types of companies. In order to reach as many potential customers as possible and be more successful in today’s digital era, it is absolutely vital for you to have an effective Facebook marketing strategy for your startup. This social media platform will help you engage with your target market, gain invaluable customer insights, promote your company’s offerings and potentially land a lot more sales.

Are you ready to revamp your Facebook marketing strategy in a way that will help your startup flourish? I’ve used Facebook for years to grow my own successful venture, and I’ve also helped other entrepreneurs launch six- and seven-figure businesses on a bootstrap budget using digital marketing.

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Here are tried-and-true fundamentals of Facebook marketing to keep in mind for your own enterprise:

Share helpful data for your fans

Yes, sharing funny memes related to your industry is always a great way to boost follower engagement. Posting fun photos of your customers enjoying your business’ products or using your services will also help you connect with your follower base. However, there is one underrated tactic that will take your company’s Facebook page to new levels of engagement: sharing data that is useful to your current or potential customers.

The Facebook posts that have worked the best for us at Live Lingua have been ones where we share surprising statistics related to our industry. Employ this same tactic for your own strategy! You can share interesting facts and figures about the products you offer, manufacturing insights, data about consumption, etc. If you host a company podcast, you can also share data about audience numbers or popular topics. Also, keep in mind that adding original imagery, audio or video to your posts can really help increase engagement!

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Post videos that ask questions

Another fantastic way to boost engagement on your Facebook page is by posting videos that ask questions for your followers to answer in the comments. For example, if your startup offers travel essentials, you can ask your follower base about their favorite vacation destinations. If you own a life coaching business, post a video that asks your followers about their favorite stress-relief tactics. If you own a clothing store, share a video that asks your followers about their favorite fashion trends.

Just remember: if you decide to start posting videos that ask questions, make sure to upload each video to your actual Facebook page rather than just sharing a YouTube link to your video. We have found that Facebook doesn’t want people leaving their website, so they will greatly restrict your videos’ reach if they are shared from external sources. For other sites like Twitter or LinkedIn, it is fine to use externally hosted videos.

Use retargeting ads

You probably use retargeting ads for other elements of your digital marketing strategy, so why not with your Facebook page? This marketing tactic is definitely underrated, low-hanging fruit. Simply place the Facebook pixel on your website and then re-target ads to people who have already visited your website. You will find these advertisements cost much less than other ads and convert much better.

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Target look-alike audiences

You likely have a list of all of your startup’s existing customers who you target with your email newsletters. You can definitely use this list to market your business on Facebook. If you upload all of the emails from your customer mailing list to Facebook, Facebook will generate a list of people who are similar to your existing customers to show ads to. This tactic can help you enhance brand awareness and reach many more potential new customers.

A/B test extensively

This step is pivotal for increasing the success of your startup’s Facebook marketing efforts. Every time you set up a new Facebook advertisement, make sure you run multiple versions of it. Change up the ad copy, the background colors and the featured images for the ads, then A/B test to see which ones are performing the best. This tactic will help you quickly find out what works and what doesn’t so that you won’t waste your marketing budget on running ineffective ads.

Create custom landing pages for your Facebook ads

Sending paid traffic to your enterprise’s homepage is not the best way to convert followers into paying customers. Instead, create custom landing pages for your advertisements based on what they say so that you can target your messaging to each visitor.

For example, if your ad features a specific product on your website with a discount exclusively for Facebook followers, set up a landing page for this promotion. Or, if one of your ads features a special “Facebook Followers Only” promotion on your business’ services, create a landing page for this deal with a form for them to sign up.

Key takeaways on Facebook Marketing

Facebook is an extremely effective avenue for marketing your business’ products or services. You just need to keep the above fundamentals in mind when you revamp your startup’s marketing strategy.

As you schedule your Facebook posts, plan to share data that is helpful for your followers as well as videos that ask engaging questions. In addition, make sure to use retargeting ads, target look-alike audiences and A/B test your ads extensively to eliminate ineffective ones. On top of this, set up custom landing pages for your Facebook ads to direct traffic to. All of these initiatives will help you have much greater success with your Facebook marketing efforts.

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