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5 Changes in Paid Advertising You Need to Know about Today

Any seasoned marketer will tell you the industry is always changing. In paid advertising, success depends in part on a marketer’s ability to adapt to today’s conditions. Generating billions of dollars in revenue each year, major online advertising platforms like Google and Facebook are expected to continue their year-over-year growth. With all this expansion comes...
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10 Tips to Stay Ahead of the Facebook Ad Marketing Curve

In many ways, we’re all one big entrepreneurial community attempting to navigate the ever-changing advertising terrain on a daily basis. For every guru who scales their business using a formula, you’ll find 10 others who achieved success at scale using 10 totally different methods. We test our hypothesis, and then based on the data analysis...
loyal clients
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3 Simple Ways to Bring More Loyal Clients to Your Business

Bringing more loyal clients to your business isn’t easy. But it is critical. Finding the diamond in the rough clients can take years of hard work. Relying on referrals and expecting a client to fall into your lap is risky. If it happens, that’s great, but if it doesn’t work out, you’ve wasted time that...
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How to Craft a Winning Social Media Strategy on a Startup Budget

With 2.8 billion collective social media users today, integrating social media into an overall digital marketing strategy is not just smart, it can be a cost-effective way to optimize your brand's online presence. So how do you get started? Keep it simple and follow these six steps. Use Facebook ads to accomplish these goals There are four...
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How the Recent Facebook Algorithm Changes Will Affect Your Startup

Entrepreneurs can’t ignore the influence of social media on finding business online. Having a presence on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook isn’t optional anymore—it’s a crucial part of establishing your startup's identity. In fact, over 50 million small businesses use Facebook pages to connect with customers online. Facebook has always been one of the...
thriving online
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Thriving Online: Making Money While You Sleep

The following excerpt is reprinted with permission from Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC. "Your Creative Career" by Anna Sabino is available wherever books are sold or directly from the publisher at 800-423-7087, [email protected] or Graphic designer Nicky Laatz, who became known for her bestselling fonts, reached an important milestone selling on Creative Market, a community where photographers,...
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5 Ways That a Kickstarter Campaign Can Launch You Into Retail

Seven months. That's how long it took from the day our Kickstarter campaign ended until we were delivering a purchase order to Toys R Us. And soon after came Bed Bath & Beyond, Hobby Lobby and Michaels, distributing our invention called Walkie Chalk, a standup sidewalk chalk holder that allows you to “Stand Up and...
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The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Competitions for Startups

Social media competitions have been an effective tool in the startup world for years, for the veterans as much as the new kids on the block. If handled correctly, they can have a huge impact on traffic, engagement, awareness; whatever your KPI may be. They can also be very difficult to put together effectively, so...
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3 Simple Steps to Measure the ROI of Facebook Ads

I'm not sure if Mark Zuckerberg had advertising in mind all along, or if Facebook's revenue model occurred as a natural development of its data. Over the years, it has become the most powerful social media platform to advertise on. The reason why is due to the granularity with which you can target your audience....
Top digital marketing tools of 2016
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Year in Review: The Top Digital Marketing Tools of 2016

In today’s digital landscape, the term “digital marketing” covers such a wide variety of skills and information that it may seem impossible for a marketing manager in a startup or small business to succeed in this field. There are fantastic resources for marketing professionals to help grow a business and it is always important to...