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4 Ways to Optimize Your Startup for Reliable, Data-Driven Growth

Optimizing the growth of your startup is crucial for both immediate profitability and long-term success. While tapping into the “secret formula” for lasting growth may seem like a challenge, today’s founders actually have more resources available than ever before to help drive growth.  You can achieve reliable growth by tapping into the data that is...
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5 ROI-Boosting Tips to Improve Your Startup’s Efficiency in 2020

“Move fast and break things” is one of the most famous Silicon Valley axioms. Made popular by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, the saying became a mantra for the way an entire startup culture operated. That’s changing, though, to an increased emphasis on slowing down and taking the time to get things right. As financial executive Larry Fink put...
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The Value of Integrating Marketing Automation with Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the strongest and most efficient ways to reach your customers. In fact, the average person checks their email about 15 times per day. With an estimated 293.6 billion emails anticipated to be sent worldwide in 2019, it’s safe to assume that your customers are getting their fair share of email...
email marketing
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7 Common Email Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Whether it’s a broken link, a spelling error, or worst of all, sending a message to the wrong audience, an email-gone-awry is never a good thing for a brand. With the growing success email marketing campaigns provide for small businesses, newsletters are an essential part of keeping and creating engaged customers. A good marketing strategy...
online sales
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5 Easy Changes You Can Make to Boost Your Online Sales

E-commerce business owners know that the most frustrating aspect of running an online business is how quickly sales can slip through your fingers.  It seems like you can do just about everything right with your e-commerce business (identify a product and a market, design a beautiful website, come up with compelling marketing campaigns that bring...
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3 Ways to Take Your E-Commerce Store from Good to Great

There is no doubt that e-commerce is a rapidly evolving industry. While this keeps things interesting for entrepreneurs, it also requires consistent improvements and constant innovation to ensure success. E-commerce business owners have to adapt their business strategy regularly to keep up with such a dynamic industry. As the e-commerce industry grows, so does a...
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Omnichannel Marketing: How to Blend Online and Offline Marketing Efforts

It’s easy to assume that, in our digital world, offline marketing no longer has a place. However, according to the Out of Home Advertising Association, offline marketing was a $23 billion industry in 2018, including newspaper, magazine and radio ad spend. While every startup has different marketing goals and unique target audiences, offline marketing, such...
email marketing
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Email Marketing in the Age of the Critical Consumer

As the expansive world of social media continues to grow, more and more digital marketers and entrepreneurs are focusing their efforts on social media marketing. While it makes sense to go where your customer goes, social media is certainly not the only online tool your customers are using. In fact, it might not even be...
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How to Take Your Content Creation From Mediocre to Viral

Most modern businesses engage in digital marketing of some kind, and much of that falls under the umbrella of content marketing. Whether it's blog posts, photos, social media updates, videos, webinars, or anything else, you probably use content marketing to maintain a relationship with your audience. So for most of us, publishing a piece of...
market research
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What Goes In to Market Research and How Much Does it Cost?

Market research, the process of gathering information about consumers' preferences, is an important component of your startup's marketing plan. It provides vital feedback about your offerings and those of your competitors, and it can include product trials, focus groups and direct observation. Market research can get expensive, so you might need to consider ways to...
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How to Use Pay-Per-Click to Help Grow Your Startup

You just launched a startup company, and there are countless things you have on your “to do” list. One of the first things you should establish is PPC marketing. PPC, also known as pay-per-click, marketing allows you to measure and track return on investment (ROI), regularly test the market you are competing in and drive...
cash flow leaks
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4 Cash Flow Leaks That Are Keeping Your Startup Broke

Cash flow can make or break a business. According to research, 82 percent of businesses fail because of cash flow problems. In other words, there’s more money going out than coming in. Since we’re in the middle of tax season, now is a good time to see where you may have some cash flow leaks....
artificial intelligence
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How to Optimize Your Email Campaigns with Artificial Intelligence

Say goodbye to mass, impersonal email campaigns - they no longer work. What does this mean for startups and entrepreneurs? The only way to achieve high conversion rates is by keeping up with artificial intelligence (AI) trends. Upgrade your email marketing campaigns, or you’ll find your messaging goes straight to spam. Imagine a snowy winter...
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5 Tips for Getting Your Startup’s New Website Noticed

For centuries, philosophers have wondered whether or not a tree that falls in a forest makes a sound if no one is around to hear it. Entrepreneurs ponder a similar question when it comes to creating their own website. If a startup has a website, but it doesn’t get noticed, does it even exist? Yes,...
search engine optimization
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11 Essentials for Generating Web Traffic with Search Engine Optimization

If you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of SEO, site optimization can be overwhelming. In this article, we’ll take a look at emerging trends in correspondence with basic search engine optimization tactics to get you ranking higher for industry leading keywords. It’s important to note that you may have to invest time in...
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7 Mistakes These Successful Entrepreneurs Will Never Make Again

No one ever made it to the top without encountering challenges or setbacks along the way. Fail enough times and you’ll eventually succeed. These seven entrepreneurs share the biggest mistakes from their past, and how their learning experiences can shape who you are today. 1. I didn’t experiment enough My biggest failures came from when...
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Small Business Content Marketing: Why SEO is Dead

The internet is built on hyperlinks. Links are the connectors between webpages. Without any links, pages would exist in a vacuum. As search engine optimization (SEO) theory goes, the more links you have pointing to pages on your website, the higher you’ll rank for keywords in search results. That’s not necessarily untrue, but it’s not...
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5 Ways to Build Your Startup with Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

With so many online marketing techniques available, it’s difficult to know where to start when you launch a business. However, there are many good reasons why pay-per-click (or PPC) should be at the top of the list. Five ways you can use a PPC campaign to boost your startup: Get onto the first page of...